Bespoke Gathers are designed to provide a profound encounter with a creative outlet.

The creative act is healing. A creative space builds trust. Trust leads to collaboration and innovation.

Regardless what industry or sphere you’re in, creativity is necessary.

Whether for team building, retreats, or organized celebrations, Bespoke Gathers offer a unique creative encounter that brings people together. They can be a one-time event or recurring ritual.
Try one or try them all.


  • “The Gather Calligraphy session was a creative and spiritual activation that I didn’t know I needed. David’s masterful teaching and Esther’s curated community made for such a delightful experience that has changed my approach to drawing and writing forever. May our words make lasting marks that heal and elevate ourselves and others!”

    — Didier Sylvain | Leadership Coach
    — Didier Sylvain  |  Leadership Coach
  • “Esther led a Gather session for over 85 youth ranging in age from 11 to 18 years old, gifting them with the space and permission to play, explore, risk, dream, and discover more about themselves and the one who created the universe. Gather goes beyond just challenging and inspiring individuals, young and old.  Gather is birthing communities.”

    — Shirley Hyun | NY Youth Director
    — Shirley Hyun  |  NY Youth Director
  • “Partnering with Gather for the Gotham session on Arts + Imagination was such a delight. The teaching artists brought joy and expertise to their craft and graciously welcomed us into the experience of making together. Gather helped the Gotham fellows embrace the act of creating as part of what it means to be human.”

    — Robbie Brown | Program Manager, CFW
    — Robbie Brown | Program Manager, CFW